Comprehensive Care For Chimneys And Other Brick Structures

Offering A Range Of Brick Repairs And Masonry Services


Certified Chimney Repairs

Maintaining your chimney and fireplace can be a breeze with the help of Bayshore Construction & Restoration LLC. Get repairs, waterproofing, and more from a team certified by the National Fireplace Institute.
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Brick Leak Detection

To avoid unwanted animals, water, or anything else entering through your chimney, it is important to repair and close any entryways in your brick structures. Let us find and repair water leaks to avoid further damage.
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Quality Craftsmanship

Trust our team with 35 years of industry expertise to help with all your brick, masonry, fireplace, and chimney repairs. Contact us to get fast, FREE estimates for your services. We do it right the first time so you get the best value!
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